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The Second Mouse

Gets the Cheese

" I had always thought that all I need to do is write my book and hope for the best in finding to help me publish. As I read Carolyn's writings, I have come to understand the importance of starting now to market my book. I am still not sure if I will or not, but either way thanks to this book I am more aware of what I need to do and am now armed to make my work better overall."

Ed Hall on Amazon

"I'm not even sure where to begin! This book is so informative and fun to read that I probably learned more than I am aware of. Carolyn Schriber's easy writing style made me feel as if we were discussing these topics over coffee. She tapped her own experiences as a guide for other writers to learn from. Whether it is research, editing, grammar or self-publishing, Carolyn walks the reader through of it to get to the other, smarter side."

M.L. Olen on Amazon

"Carolyn Schriber is a retired academic and an excellent writer. As you might expect from a respectable scholar, her book is thorough and professional. Unfortunately, her businesslike approach makes the process of becoming an indie author seem quite complicated and intimidating. Nevertheless, her advice is so sensible and downright realistic, I do not think you can afford to ignore her book"

Thomas on Goodread

The Second Mouse updated his advice and software recommendations in 2017.

You've heard the expression, "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." Which would you prefer? You are probably not terribly fond of worms. You don't even want to think about what the first mouse gets.

What does that have to do with self-publishing? Quite a lot, actually. The publishing industry has undergone something of a seismic shift in the past year. If you follow internet discussions about traditional publishing, you'll find authors being urged to make the shift to e-books and self-publishing, because that's where the "cheese" is.

Perhaps so, but the shift is not an easy one. The self-publishing option is full of traps for unwary little mice who jump into the fray without the necessary understanding of what all is involved. Carolyn Schriber’s first self-published historical novel, Beyond All Price, was on life-support for nearly a year. Then it made a spectacular recovery, winning two book awards and remaining on some of Amazon Kindle's "Top 100 Bestseller " lists for nearly two months. That was her piece of the cheese.

Now she is willing to share her story. She blogged about her experiences, starting with the first decision about self-publication. She kept track of her success and failures. She offered snippets of advice to other would-be writers. Now all those crumbs of information come together in an anecdotal account of what she learned and what you, too, need to know in order to get your piece of the cheese.  

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