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Beyond All Price

A Novel Based on the Life of Nellie M. Chase

Second Edition Revised and Illustrated

September 2018

Book Details

ISBN: 9780999306031

Page Count: 450

Trim: 8.5" x 5.5"

Format: Trade Paper

List Price: $18.95

Published: September 2018

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A Woman on a Mission

Her early life might have destroyed a weaker woman—an abusive father, a vicious husband, a dangerous neighborhood. She found herself in some nasty spots—barrooms, gambling dens, jail cells, a dirty tenement, a theater basement, and a makeshift army camp.

Nellie Chase became known to Civil War soldiers as the Florence Nightingale of her time. She nursed men through epidemics, treated wounds and diseases that most women had never seen, helped with amputations after a major battle, even saved a life or two. She refused to seek her own safety. There was a war going on, and so long as there were soldiers who needed her, Nellie Chase would risk her own life to save them.

She did not fear death if it came while she was contributing to the welfare of others. But she did not find her real life’s purpose on a battlefield. She found it instead in a railroad hotel in a small Tennessee town.


Selena Lin on January 26, 2017:

"Best book I've read in a long time. Being a nurse, combined with loving history, ignited curiosity to the point I couldn't put it down."

Carol Chorneyon June 24, 2016:

"I love books about civil war times. I have read many. It was fun following Nellie in her working adventure. This is a woman that came from and set out to help others through their tragedies. She is strong, hardworking, and empathetic. she does not let the ugliness of war break her spirit. You help but fall in love with her. Enjoyed the saga of Nellie very much and the historical value. The author presents the historical descriptions splendidly. Great read"

FrogLady on September 4, 2015:  

"A new perspective on the Civil War. Well written."

Goodreads Review:

"She left no personal letters and no formal records, but those whose lives she touched remembered her as an angel of mercy. Her told here by a trained historian, is factual whenever events can be documented. Fictional descriptions, conversations, and transitions strive to reflect the true nature of the time in which she lived and struggled."

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