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Self-Publishing: Getting Started and Avoiding Pitfalls

Have you considered self-publishing for that book you’ve been writing? Learn where to start and what not to do. Carolyn Schriber has been there and shares what she’s discovered. Let’s talk about creating a business, building a platform, and gathering a professional team.

“De Water Brought Us; De Water Take Us Home”

The Road to Frogmore tells the story of Laura Towne, a missionary who traveled to South Carolina in the middle of the Civil War to help slaves whose owners had abandoned them. This lecture looks at some of the problems she faced as she tried to reconcile her version of Christianity with the traditions of African religions followed by the slaves. Be prepared for spooky tales, night hags, and graybeard sinners who hang in the trees.

A “Damned Yankee” in Civil War Charleston

He was from Boston. She was a South Carolina cotton heiress. Their marriage was happy and carefree until the war  brought its own challenges – invasion, fire, a wounded son -- into their lives. Can they and their family survive? The answers lie hidden in the city of Charleston and its own struggles.

Carolyn Schriber is a retired history professor who is now enjoying a second career as a writer of historical fiction. Her books about America’s Civil War are planted solidly in fact, but they explore the lives and events that history books don’t often reveal. With that in mind, her talks usually evolve into a question and answer format as she and the audience explore "the stories behind the history."

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Carolyn Schriber
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