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2016 Ends with a Flurry of Awards

First came this message from the Military Writers Society of America:

"Congratulations. Your book, Damned Yankee, received a GOLD Medal in the 2016 Military Writers Society of America awards historical fiction category." 

Damned Yankee is the first of three volumes of The Grenville Trilogy. Published in 2014, this 400-page historical novel chronicles the fortunes of one South Carolina family as they weathered the chaos of the Civil War and its far-reaching after-effects. 

The reviewer wrote: "Damned Yankee is a fine tale of the war from the perspective of the overlooked bystanders who bear no arms but suffer equally from the ravages of the conflict. It is recommended to anyone who enjoys Civil War fiction."

Then came the announcement of the results from a Facebook-publicized poetry contest.

 Anyone who knows me will tell you that brevity is not among my finest qualities. So asking me to submit a 17-syllable poem challenged my self-control to its utmost limits. But, inspired one hot, dry, summer day while mourning my withering flowerbed, I found a touch of inspiration:

For the record, this particular lizard had a vivid blue tail, and my first thought was that I was seeing  scrap of plastic from a newspaper wrapper. When I reached for it, he jumped and scared the bejezzus out of me! What was worse, the end of the tail broke off, just as it is designed to do in case of a predator's attack. 

And that is truly the long and short of it!