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Autumn and Change Is in the Air

We're Still Actively Promoting Three Recent Publications:

Damned Yankee
Book 1 of the Grenville Saga

Beyond All Price
(Audiobook, June, 2014)

Listen to the story of Nurse Nellie Chase and the Roundhead Regiment as narrated by talented voice-over actress Adrianne Price. This Amazon bestseller comes alive again as Nellie and her beloved Pennsylvania soldiers find themselves in  the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

The Civil War in South Carolina's Low Country: A Boxed Set

                  November 2014

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We're Working on . . . 

Yankee Reconstructed
Book 2 of the Grenville Saga
Now that the the Civil War is over, Jonathan and Susan have moved their family back to Charleston, only to find that peace is easier to declare than to practice. As the reunited country struggles with the problems of Reconstruction, the Grenvilles find themselves swept up into political  rivalries, visits from the Ku Klux Klan, accusations of murder, and civil riots that churn their peaceful streets into battlegrounds. Follow them as they navigate the difficult decade from 1867 to 1877.

Tentative release date: January 3, 2016
Pre-Orders available now at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple iBooks.

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We're Still Thinking About
 . . .

The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese 
--Second Edition

Tentative Launch Date:  2017