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We have just released our first audio book

 We are pleased to announce the audio version of Beyond All Price, originally published in 2010. This biographical novel is based on the life of Nellie M. Chase, who served with the Roundhead Regiment as their matron and nurse during 1862. Readers met Nellie for the first time in A Scratch with the Rebels. Now Nellie gets to tell her own story -- how she came to the Roundheads, and what happened to her after the Battle of Secessionville.

This MAY be the picture of Nellie Chase that was taken in Nashville in 1863.  I would like to believe that she looked very much like this.

The audio version was produced by ACX, the audio branch of Amazon, and is available through several channels: Amazon, Audible.com, and  -- coming soon -- Apple iTunes.  The book's narrator and producer, Adrianne Price, is a multi-talented voice-over artist.

Listen to what she has to say about the book:

Beyond All Price
A message from the narrator
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