Katzenhaus Books - What's "On Tap" in 2014?
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What"s "On Tap"  for 2014?

Our first project for the new year involves an old book, A Scratch with the Rebels. This historical monograph looks at the Civil War in South Carolina by focusing on the Battle of Secessionville (June 16, 1862) and two soldiers who faced their first experience of war on that battlefield. 

In many ways, this book provides the historical background for everything we have published since, and as such, it deserves to take its rightful place as Book One of the series, The Civil War in South Carolina. This book was originally published by Mechling Books in 2007.  As of January 2, Mechling decided to get out of all electronic book projects, which meant that "Scratch" was no longer available on Kindle or Nook. 

Katzenhaus Books has now reclaimed the electronic rights and has brought out a new edition for Kindle and Smashwords, which will  make the book available in on Nook, Sony, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and several other formats. 

The Smashwords versions are now available at: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/403375

The Kindle version is now available at:

April will be a busy month as we count down to publication of a new book -- Damned Yankee.

We are now planning the official launch of our first completely fictional Civil War novel. Unlike the other factual volumes of the series, The Civil War in South Carolina, this story is based only loosely on the experiences of several southern families during the war.

Damned Yankee tells the story of the Grenville family: he is a Boston-bred schoolteacher who finds himself increasingly unpopular in Charleston, and she is a southern belle, heiress to several cotton plantations. Can they keep their marriage and their family of seven children together as war rages through their home and their lives?http://on.fb.me/1gvjH7x

Another on our list of projects is the audio version of Beyond All Price, published in 2010. This biographical novel is based on the life of Nellie M. Chase, who served with the Roundhead Regiment as their matron and nurse during 1862. Readers met Nellie for the first time in A Scratch with the Rebels. Now Nellie gets to tell her own story -- how she came to the Roundheads, and what happened to her after the Battle of Secessionville.

The audio version will be produced by ACX, the audio branch of Amazon, and will be available through several channels: Amazon, Audible.com, and Apple iTunes. We are currently in production. The book's narrator and producer, Adrianne Price, expects to have finished recording by the end of April, so we hope to have the audio book available sometime in early June.

Also during the month of June, we will begin conducting auditions for the production of the audio version of The Road to Frogmore.

Katzenhaus Books published The Road to Frogmore in 2012 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the founding of Penn School on St. Helena Island. Like its predecessors, it is a true story, dealing with the lives of a group of missionaries and abolitionists with sometimes differing motives.

The audio version of  Frogmore should be ready sometime in September. This will be an ambitious production, perhaps requiring two narrators -- one voice for the story of Laura Towne, Philadelphia abolitionist who arrives in South Carolina to bring education to the newly-freed slaves, and another voice for Rina, the slave woman who acts as a commentator on the goings-on of the missionaries who have come to impose their own value systems on the former slaves.

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